Artista italiano retrata Bolsonaro em UTI pedindo para brasileiros ficarem em casa

O artista italiano AleXsandro Palombo, conhecido por suas obras instigantes, alfinetou o presidente Jair Bolsonaro, deixando-o doente e frágil em uma ilustração.

Ao Express, Palombo afirmou que a falta de ação de Bolsonaro o inspirou a pintar uma imagem do que poderia acontecer se o presidente não cumprisse seus deveres morais e políticos.

Ele disse: “Meu trabalho é uma forma de protesto contra a política cega.’

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro "Stay Home, Nobody is Immune from Coronavirus" – "Fiquem em casa, Ninguém é imune ao Coronavírus" – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says coronavirus is a 'little flu' He added that most people had nothing to fear and said Italy's death toll from the coronavirus is so high because of the nation's aging population. Italy is a city, a country full of old people. There is at least one couple in every building, like in Copacabana, and that's why there are so many deaths ". – Do not listen to President Bolsonaro's despicable statements because it will endanger each of you and the people close to you.  This is not a flu. Nobody is immune from Coronavirus. – In Italy, we are paying a very high price. This is an unprecedent situation and it is breaking the hearts of all of us. Many have lost loved ones and have family and friends struggling in intensive care. This serious health emergency is global. It involves everyone and spares no country. This is a huge battle that we must all fight together. Stay at home and follow the rules of social distancing, you will protect yourself and your loved ones. Life is the most precious thing we have, let's defend it. – aleXsandro Palombo – – – – – #bolsonaro #fiquememcasa #coronavirus #covid #coronavirusitaly #coronavirusespaña #stayhome #Yomequedoencasa #iorestoacasa #coronavirusbrazil #coronaviruspandemic #coronavirüsü #coronavirusoutbreak⚠️ #coronavirusitalianews #covid_19 #covid19italia #covid19 #lbolsonaropresidente #restezchezvous #restezalamaison #health #pandemic #pandemia #humanrights #epidemic #Campaign #campaña #Contemporaryart #instaart #brazil

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